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Primitive Finds LLC Welcome to my online shop. I have been buying and selling antiques since 1970's and Early American Country Antiques are my passion. April of 1989 my home was featured in COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE and I have also been in other publications. I also sell on Ebay and my user name is shop2loveit I take checks, money orders or PayPal. Please do contact me with any questions. I AM MORE THAN HAPPY TO DO A LAY AWAY ON MY ANTIQUES WITH PAYMENT TERMS THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU!!!

Vintage Primitive Black Rag Doll Red White Blue

Old/Vintage, Primitive, Red, White and Blue Black Cloth Rag Doll for a BARGAIN PRICE! Approx: 11 3/4" height Condition: Fading, spots, holes

Price: 19.00 includes shipping

2020-Dec-27 08:01pm EST | Tags : Old Black Rag Doll Old Red White Blue Black Rag Doll

Old Primitive SIGNED Wood Glove Stretcher American

OLD, PRIMITIVE, WONDERFUL, TEXTILE WOOD GLOVE FORM STRETCHER, "WISCONSIN TEXTILE MFG. CO. TWO RIVERS, WISC". I do LOVE Old Signed Wood Glove Stretcher! Great Display Piece for a Bargain Price! APPROX: length is 15 1/2"; width is 3 3/8" and depth is 1/8" CONDITION: scratches, stains, along with wear and use that is expected with age

Price: 58.00 includes shipping

19th Century Old Green Paint SHAKER? Signed Firkin

19TH CENTURY, PRIMITIVE, OLD GREEN PAINT, SHAKER?, WOOD FIRKIN WITH "BEANS" IN MUSTARD PAINT. This Amazing Early Painted Wood Firkin is by far the BEST Early Firkin I have every owned with Button Hole Finger Hoops and a Wonderful Shaped Handle! What a Great American Country Find for a Bargain Price! APPROX: on the top side to side is 9 1/4"; on the bottom side to side is 10 1/2" and height with the handle down is 9 1/4" CONDITION: scratches, dents, paint loss, chips along with wear and use that is expected with age

Price: 425.00 plus shipping

2020-Dec-21 02:19pm EST | Tags : 19th Century Old Paint Firkin Old Shaker Firkin?

1800's Old Dry Grey Paint Cupboard Cubbies Doors

LATE 19TH CENTURY MARYLAND HANGING APOTHECARY CUPBOARD WITH SEVEN DRAWERS (ONE OF THE DRAWERS IS DIVIDED), THREE OPEN SHELVES AND TWO DOORS. Old Dry Grey Paint over the Original EARLY Mustard Paint with the Original porcelain knobs, Circa 1890. From My Collection comes this Amazing Old Dry Grey Paint, Very Heavy, Wood Apothecary Cupboard that can hang or set. I always just set it for display because of the weight and I never trust hangers on heavy items. I am more than Happy to do a Lay Away on this auction! Wonderful Early American Country Find! APPROX: height is 26 7/8"; width is 19" and depth is 9 1/2" CONDITION: scratches, dents, paint loss, chips, drawer nails have not oxidized much with not being exposed like the outside, along with wear and use that is expected with age

Price: sold thank you so very much!

Authentic Old Blue White Calico Rag Doll Dress

ANTIQUE, PRIMITIVE, WONDERFUL, RAG DOLL, BLUE AND WHITE CALICO FABRIC DRESS THAT IS TREADLE AND HAND SEWN, PINNED ON THE BACK! This Old Blue and White Calico Doll Dress has Red Trim on the Neck and Sleeves, so Perfect for our Red, White and Blue Holidays! I do Love Old, Antique Blue and White Calico Rag Doll Dresses and getting so hard to find! What a Great American Country Find for a Bargain Price! APPROX: top to bottom is 8" and across the bottom side to side is 15 1/2" CONDITION: fading, spots, holes, along with wear and use that is expected with age

Price: 54.00 plus shipping

19th Century Old Blue Paint Cupboard with Doors

19TH CENTURY, PRIMITIVE, OLD BLUE PAINT, WOOD CUPBOARD WITH TWO DOORS, THREE SHELVES AND CAN HANG OR SET! From My Collection comes this Wonderful Early Old Blue Paint Cupboard that I just LOVE! This is a Very Heavy 19th Century Blue Cupboard that was found in Kentucky! My house sold, so time to part with some of my treasures so keep watching my auctions! What a Great American Country Find for a Bargain Price! APPROX: height is 31 3/4"; length is 27 1/2" and depth is 12 3/8" CONDITION: scratches, dents, paint loss, chips, along with wear and use that is expected with age

Price: 580.00 plus shipping

2020-Dec-21 01:38pm EST | Tags : 19th Century Old Blue Pain Cupboard

Rare 1817 Pennsylvania House Sampler Signed Dated

A Rare Signed and Dated 1817 Pennsylvania House Decorated Needlework Sampler from Western Allegheny area of Pennsylvania. Multi-colored wool thread on a fine linen homespun back with a very detailed strawberry border. This Early Sampler has numerous trees, animals and birds. Some wear areas with fabric and thread loss. Old frame is 20 3/4" by 18" with a depth of 1 1/2"

Price: 295.00 includes shipping Please text me with any questions

2020-Jul-29 03:15pm EDT | Tags : 1817 sampler Pennsylvania Sampler Early House Sampler

Old Original Green Paint Whisk Broom Horse Hair

Old, Wonderful Original Green Paint Wood Handle and Horse Hair Bristle Holder, Whisk Broom. This is a Lovely, Old, Primitive Whisk Broom with a Hole at the Top of the Wood Handle for Hanging. Height is 11 1/2" and with a width of 4" Chips, Dents, Scratches and Paint Loss. Display items are never included, only item described.

Price: 58.00 includes shipping

2020-Jul-21 06:50pm EDT | Tags : old original green paint whisk broom

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