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My name is Kim Guzzi and I live in Pittsburgh PA. I own The Antique Center of Strabane. It is a 40 dealer group shop south of Pittsburgh. I am also President of the 1830 Log House, a historical museum in Upper St. Clair. Thus, 1830 Log House Antiques! I prefer PayPal, checks or Money Orders. If you purchase an item that you feel is not as described, please contact me within 48 hours.

Pewter Chocolate Pot

James Deakin & Sons pewter chocolate pot. Circa 1886. 8 1/2” tall

Price: $195.00

2021-Feb-20 09:59am EST | Tags :

German Rooster in Barn Yard

German Rooster in Barn Yard. 5” long. Both marked Germany.

Price: $78.00

2021-Feb-18 01:59pm EST | Tags :

German Putz Dog

German Putz Afghan Hound, coat made of Rabbit Fur. Missing one glass eye. 4” long.

Price: $98.00

2020-Dec-13 11:20am EST | Tags :

Pineapple Ice Cream Mold

Nice pineapple ice cream mold. No makers mark. Excellent condition. 4” tall.

Price: $58.00

2020-Dec-13 11:00am EST | Tags :

Large Yellow Ware Mold

Large Yellow Ware Mold, Bunch of Grapes. 8 1/2” long, 6 1/2” deep, 4” tall

Price: $110.00

2020-Jul-22 02:04pm EDT | Tags :

Yellow Ware Batter Bowl

Yellow Ware Batter Bowl. Bowl is 9” in diameter and 10” to tip of spout.

Price: $125.00

2020-Jul-22 12:57pm EDT | Tags :

Double Acorn Butter Mold

Double Acorn Butter Mold. Actual stamp size is 3 1/2” in diameter.

Price: $75.00

2020-Apr-30 02:39pm EDT | Tags :

Early Hand Forged “Sticking Tommy”

Early hand forged “sticking Tommy” mining tool used to light the way by sticking into the wall.

Price: $195.00

2020-Apr-25 07:56am EDT | Tags :

Wonderful Tramp Art Frame

Wonderful Tramp Art Frame with Original Paint!

Price: $135.00

2020-Apr-21 07:43pm EDT | Tags :

Shaker “Hair Restorer” Bottle

Molded amber glass bottle with raised lettering on side panels “SHAKER” and “HAIR RESTORER”. 7 3/4” tall. Small chip on left side bottom of SHAKER panel. From the Jean Brown collection, Skinner’s, August 2012.

Price: $78.00

2020-Apr-11 01:09pm EDT | Tags :

Yellow Ware Pie Bird

Yellow Ware Pie Bird. Unusual Form. 2 1/2” tall.

Price: $68

2020-Apr-10 09:18am EDT | Tags :

Sweet Little German Spice Box

German spice box. 5 drawers with porcelain knobs. 3 with porcelain tags. 6 1/4” tall.

Price: $78.00

2020-Apr-09 02:16pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of Red Wood and Iron Wagon Wheels

Nice pair of Red wagon wheels made of wood and iron. 8” in diameter.

Price: $110.00 for the pair.

2020-Apr-08 02:30pm EDT | Tags :

Red Painted Wooden Carrier

Red painted wooden carrier. Canted sides. Nicely shaped center handle. 11 1/2” x 7 1/2”

Price: $115.00

2020-Apr-07 09:06am EDT | Tags :

Stone Fruit Walnut

Stone Fruit Walnut. Excellent detail and color!

Price: $75.00

2020-Apr-03 01:01pm EDT | Tags :

Stone Vegetable Cucumber

Stone Vegetable Cucumber. Rare piece! 4 1/2” long.

Price: $98.00

2020-Apr-03 12:59pm EDT | Tags :

Stone Vegetable Onion

Stone Vegetable Red Onion. Rare piece!

Price: $98.00

2020-Apr-03 12:56pm EDT | Tags :

Horn Whetstone Holder

Horn Whetstone Holder. 8 1/2” tall

Price: $98.00

2020-Apr-02 01:55pm EDT | Tags :

Carved Folk Art Rolling Pin in Original Paint

Carved Folk Art Rolling Pin in original dark red painted finish. A gift made for a special someone!

Price: $295.00

2020-Mar-31 03:52pm EDT | Tags :

Black Painted Carrier

Nice black painted divided carrier with handle. Perfect for your garden or on your farmhouse kitchen table.

Price: $110.00

2020-Mar-31 03:11pm EDT | Tags :

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