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It is a unique joy to be in a small New Hampshire village and it is especially so for anyone seeking the beauty of antiquity. Golden Ampersand enjoys the luxury of existing in the heart of New England. Surrounded by lakes, mountains, lush forests, and a short drive to all the New England states gives easy access to all the richness of the region's history. The curator + purveyor of eclectic and unique art, antiques, and home furnishings, Eric Swanson of Golden Ampersand has served for more than twenty years as a buyer and designer for those seeking a simple, refined aesthetic. The Golden Ampersand Shop + Gallery and the adjoining Historic Enoch Page Home are open by appointment only. Contact us to request an invitation. The richness of the collection is always available online. John Keats said, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". Allow us the pleasure of finding beauty for you.

Wooden Spice Drawers

Wooden Spice Drawers 15 inches wide x 7 inches deep x 15 1/4 inches high

Price: $468

2020-Apr-23 08:58am EDT | Tags :

Raphael Tuck "Our Animals" Linen Children's Book

1890s children's book printed on linen. 6 inches x 9 inches. Raphael Tuck & Sons produced cloth books starting in the late 1800's after Makers of the first Christmas greeting card and the first postcard, the idea behind the linen books was that they could be washed, were durable, and were safe for young children and babies. Unfortunately, like many other printers, publishers, and manufacturers of their time; the history, records, original paintings, and postcards of Raphael Tuck & Sons were destroyed during the bombing blitz of London during World War II.

Price: $58

2020-Apr-23 08:51am EDT | Tags :

Small Wooden Sliding Top Boxes

Pair of small wooden, red-painted sliding top boxes. Smaller box dimensions are 4 1/4 inches x 2 inches x 3 1/2 inches. Larger box dimensions are 7 inches x 3 1/2 inches

Price: $150

2020-Apr-22 12:28pm EDT | Tags :

Top Hat Candy Container

Top hat candy container made of heavy paper. 5 1/4 inches long X 4 1/8 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches high.

Price: $78

2020-Apr-22 12:24pm EDT | Tags :

Small Oval Pantry Box (Inscribed)

Small oval pantry box. Natural attic finish. Inscribed with the name F. WITTON. 4 inches long x 3 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches high.

Price: $160

2020-Apr-22 12:21pm EDT | Tags :

Small Wooden Carrier

Small wooden carrier painted olive green. 13 1/2 inches long x 6 3/4 inches wide x 5 3/4 inches high.

Price: $260

2020-Apr-22 12:20pm EDT | Tags :

Leather & Wooden Children's Shoes

Children's shoes made of leather and wood. 7 inches long.

Price: $78

2020-Apr-22 12:18pm EDT | Tags :

Maine Birch Hill Road Sign

Birch Hill Road sign from Maine. 22 inches long x 2 1/2 inches high.

Price: $65

2020-Apr-22 12:17pm EDT | Tags :

Small Dog Painting on Board

Small dog painting on board. 4 inches x 5 inches.

Price: $45

2020-Apr-22 12:11pm EDT | Tags :

Oak Shoemaker's Form

Old oak shoemaker's form. 13 inches long x 5 5/8 inches high.

Price: $78

2020-Apr-22 12:07pm EDT | Tags :

Small Old Copper Pans

Pair of small old copper pans. 4 1/2 inch diameter and 3 3/4 inch diameter.

Price: $85

2020-Apr-22 12:02pm EDT | Tags :

Homespun Fragment

Homespun fragment with onion dye and natural. 19 inches x 20 inches.

Price: $42

2020-Apr-22 11:59am EDT | Tags :

Grain Measure With Inscribed Name

Grain measure with inscription "J.M. Nichols". Salmon-colored painted 11 1/2 inches diameter and 6 3/8 inches high.

Price: $120

2020-Apr-22 11:53am EDT | Tags :

Doll Quilt

Handmade, hand-quilted doll quilt cut out for a tester bed. 14 inches x 18 inches.

Price: $120

2020-Apr-22 11:50am EDT | Tags :

Tin 12-candle Mold With Handle

Tin twelve-candle mold with handle.

Price: $135

2020-Apr-22 11:49am EDT | Tags :

Wooden Pin

Wooden pin in attic finish.

Price: $110

2020-Apr-22 11:47am EDT | Tags :

Wooden Paint Bucket

Wooden paint bucket grey, green crusty paint. 7 3/4 inches in diameter and 6 1/4 inches high.

Price: $85

2020-Apr-22 11:46am EDT | Tags :

Tin Lantern

Tin lantern with glass door and sides. 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches and 12 1/2 inches high.

Price: $128

2020-Apr-22 11:40am EDT | Tags :

Duck Decoy

Duck decoy with old paint. 12 1/2 inches long x 5 3/4 inches high.

Price: $85

2020-Apr-22 11:39am EDT | Tags :

Single-Handled Basket

Natural, oval, single-handled basket. One small break. Measures 12 1/2 x 9 3/4 and 9 1/2 inches high.

Price: $145

2020-Apr-22 11:36am EDT | Tags :

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