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Hello! Thanks for checking out my listings! I have enjoyed collecting and selling antiques for nearly 30 years and I also set up at several great shows throughout the year. I enjoy offering a wide variety of items and am always on the hunt for something cool, unique and fun! Thanks for browsing my shop, knowing I always try to put my best items for you! PayPal, or check. All items are shipped Priority mail

Three mounted tin toy horses

Mounted on a custom made 18" display, these three tin horses make a darling addition to your collection. While devoid of paint, they have aged to a nice mellow tin appearance. I like the little guy with the flag! Add'l photos available

Price: 195.00 includes shipping

2021-Feb-21 01:19pm EST | Tags :

Unique old brush

14" horse hair brush with some neat repairs if old nails. Different!

Price: $45 plus $5 for shipping

2021-Jan-18 07:14pm EST | Tags :

Large brush with wood handle

This brush is made similar to a shave broom. The broom corn bristles are held by a metal band and is 13" long. A neat one!

Price: $45 plus $5 for shipping

2021-Jan-18 07:05pm EST | Tags :

Early brass musical wreath

Sold in jewelry stores in the 1920-1930's, this one offers all musical instruments. This wreath is 8" wide and has wonderful muted patina. Additional photos always available!

Price: $125.00 includes shipping

2020-Dec-17 02:32pm EST | Tags :

Large Ironstone Pitcher

Large pitcher was more than likely part of a set. The pitcher has a beautifully decorated handle and has no chips or cracks. 13" tall and 6" wide from spout to handle. Alfred Meakin stamp on the bottom.

Price: $70.00 plus shipping

2020-Dec-17 01:47pm EST | Tags :

Ironstone embossed bowl

Wonderful 9" wide by 3" tall scalloped bowl with a simple embossed design. Black stamp "Ironstone Johnson Brothers" on the bottom. No chips or cracks. Double boxed for safe shipping

Price: $69.00 plus shipping

2020-Dec-17 01:36pm EST | Tags :

Large Ironstone Platter

Wonderful large and stout platter! 18" long and 14" wide. No chips or cracks. Some very minor staining. Embossed edge adds to the beauty of this piece. There is a embossed stamp on the back. Double boxed for safe shipping

Price: $95.00 plus shipping

2020-Dec-17 01:32pm EST | Tags :

Ironstone chocolate pot

Simple chocolate pot with lid. No chips or stains. Bottom is stamped "Ironstone China" and a sticker added by someone states this pot dates from 1865 to 1878 (photo available). 9" tall by 8" wide. This will be double boxed for safe shipping

Price: $69.00 plus shipping

2020-Dec-17 01:26pm EST | Tags :

Ironstone pitcher

Small Ironstone pitcher in excellent condition. Approx 7" tall and 3" wide. No mark for this piece but has a beautiful embossed design on the pitcher and continues to the handle. Will be double boxed for safe shipping. Additional photos upon request

Price: $56 plus shipping

2020-Dec-17 01:22pm EST | Tags :

Ironstone covered serving dish

Wonderful and very small covered serving dish. Size is 3" tall and 7" long. No chips or cracks. One small stain on lid. Dipper appears original to the dish. There is a stamp rather than a printed mark. More photos upon request

Price: 75.00 plus shipping

2020-Dec-17 12:47pm EST | Tags :

Ironstone pitcher

Ironstone water pitcher up for sale. 12" tall. Black stamp on the bottom. Tiny hairline on the lip (does not detract) and is stable. A simple and beautiful pitcher. Additional photos always available

Price: $69.00 plus shipping

2020-Nov-22 12:41pm EST | Tags :

Collection of woodenware

EIGHT pieces for one price. I found another long spoon and lowered the price as well! Two early butter paddles, right one has a small chip and is very heavy. Three very long wood spoons and finally three litho alphabet blocks. Spoon on the right is 15" long, left is 13". Additional photos always available

Price: $45 for all includes shipping

2020-Nov-22 10:29am EST | Tags :

Two early unframed samplers

Offering two separate early samplers for one price. The top sampler is dated 1819 Elizabeth Reinkleimer (my best guess). Small bottom border has trees & other items (hard to determine as the thread has faded to the same color as the linen back). 17" long and 8" wide. There is a small yet old stitch repair in the bottom left corner (photos available) Second sampler is wrought by Hannah Walls and has a date but the threads have shattered on the date so only a shadow remains (kind of neat!) This sampler is 16" long x 4" wide Lots of photos if needed. Appreciate your interest!

Price: 200.00 for pair (free shipping)

2020-Oct-29 01:17pm EDT | Tags :

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