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For the past 30 years, early American antiques have been my passion. My focus is on textiles, portraits and silhouettes, lighting, and early artifacts. I am always happy to provide additional information and photos. I hope you will enjoy these items as much as I have. Please also visit my website . . . onaantiques.com. There you will find a selection of choice early American pieces, as well as payment/shipping/return policies.

Make-do mirror

Make-do mirror, walnut molded frame, tin backing and handle. . . a very unusual piece. Mid-late 19th century. Dimensions: mirror 6" x 8"; overall length including handle 14.5".

Price: $145.00

2021-Feb-21 04:52pm EST | Tags :

Tin spill holder

Early tin spill holder with a drawer for matches. It's 19th century with a wonderful patina that old tin gets. Fill it with spills or candles, or your favorite dried herbs or flowers. Dimensions: height 9.75", width 4", depth 2.5"

Price: $225.00

2021-Feb-21 04:46pm EST | Tags :

Pen Wipe

"Bear Rug" penwipe, Lancaster County, PA. Looks just like a bear rug. Underside is lined with green felt. Chamois cloth attached was used to wipe extra ink from pen nibs. Dimensions: 4.5" x 8".

Price: Sale pending . . . Thank-you!

2021-Feb-20 10:50am EST | Tags :

Hand carved bowl

An early hand carved bowl. Lots of texture and character. I had it filled with dried herbs. Naturally occurring shrinkage to the wood has caused some cracks. The bowl remains sturdy. Dimensions: diameter 8.5" depth 5".

Price: $95.00

2021-Feb-19 06:13pm EST | Tags :

Gathering basket

Splint gathering basket, wood handle, double wrapped rim. Some minor breaks (photos available). Think spring . . . fill it with greenery! Please keep in mind that due to the size and shape of the shipping may be higher than usual. I have considered that in the price.

Price: Sold . . . Thank-you!

2021-Feb-19 06:09pm EST | Tags :

Salesman sample washboards

Here are 4 salesman sample washboards. Two with glass inserts, 1 tin, 1 wood. All in good condition. Sold separately.

Price: Sold . . . Thank-you!

2021-Feb-19 06:08pm EST | Tags :

Early Rustic Bowl

A very early rustic bowl, wonderfully out of round (along with cracks and a piece missing from one side) from natural shrinking of the wood. Collector's inventory number on side. Fill it with some of your favorite things . . . I filled it with collection of early pin cushions. Dimensions: diameter varies from 9.75" - 10.25"; depth varies from 1.5" - 2.25".

Price: $75.00

2021-Feb-19 05:58pm EST | Tags :

18th century mirror

Late 18th century mirror in a period painted frame. Original glass, gold paint over original red. The gold is burnished to a dark brownish green with red showing through. Dimensions: sight 5.75" x 7.75"; frame 7" x 9". The appearance of wood in the mirror is a reflection, not loss of silvering. More photos available.

Price: $275.00

2021-Jan-30 02:58pm EST | Tags :

Sampler dated 1819

18th century spot motif Dutch/Friesian sampler, signed and dated Mattie Van Berkel 1819. Typical of that time and place, there are several trees and flowers, and a menagerie of animals that includes a rabbit, peacock, dogs, and several other birds. Mattie's initials are in the center around a tree of life. Mostly worked in silk on linen. Some minor discoloration. Dimensions: frame 21" x 10.5, sight 19.5 x 8.5". More photos available.

Price: $450.00

2021-Jan-30 02:51pm EST | Tags :

Tin sconce

A nice 19th century tin sconce. Impressed lines on both sides, crimped top. The deep well also has the impressed lines. Just under 14" tall, 3.25" wide.

Price: $145.00

2021-Jan-29 01:46pm EST | Tags :

Black bottle doll

Early Black bottle doll. Her face is rather unusual. For her eyes, the black stockinette was cut away to show the linen underneath, then a tiny bead was added for the pupil. Her nose is appliqued, her mouth embroidered. She has astrakan hair and a beaded necklace. She was a hard working girl as her bandana skirt is a bit tattered. However, there is another bandana skirt underneath that is in good condition. There are some losses to her arms and hands. Also, the bottom of the stockinette body has been lost so I taped it together. If you like early and original black bottle dolls, she's the gal for you. 12.5" tall. More photos available.

Price: $250.00

2021-Jan-21 04:19pm EST | Tags :

Early Petticoat

Nice 19th century brown and white cotton quilted petticoat. It is lined in an early printed cotton. The waistband is a hand woven tape. It's in very nice condition - would look great hanging from a peg hook. Overall length is 35".

Price: $350.00

2021-Jan-17 04:20pm EST | Tags :

19th century cloth doll

She has real hair, embroidered face, stitched fingers, original hand-sewn dress, velvet bonnet, and the sweetest leather shoes. There is a bit of wear to her dress . . .typical thinning that occurs with delicate fabric over time. She is 14" tall.

Price: $375.00

2021-Jan-17 03:11pm EST | Tags :

Peg rack

Good early peg rack with a nice warm patina, great condition. Dimensions: 37" x 3" x 1".

Price: $225.00

2021-Jan-06 12:59pm EST | Tags :

Strawberry make-do

This is an early and sweet strawberry make-do. The strawberry is a brownish-red fabric. Early translucent amber colored pins are the seeds. The leaves are hand-sewn on, as is the small pair of scissors. It is attached to an early glass base. Height is 11.5".12

Price: $115.00

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