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I collect and often way to much so need to sell as well so here are some of my current offerings. I buy lighting the most and have other interest so you will never know what I will be listing next. Toys are an interest and dress forms 1/2 scale and full size children’s and much much more ! Please ask if you have any questions, email is best. I don’t answer the phone to often but your email I will see right away. I also don’t want to hold things more than a few days (always some one wants it, cat nip !) and checks need to be here in a reasonable time like 10 days. I sell to keep my small funny farm in food and what ever else is needed. Thank You !

Pair of Tin Early Sconces

Just over 14 inches tall and 4 inches wide and the bottom is smaller than usual, just over 2 inches and cleated. Some loss at the top of the tin but quite nice and early pair of sconces. Ask if you have any questions, nice !

Price: $350.00

2021-Mar-05 01:39pm EST | Tags :

Antique Dough Butter Paddle, Rare

20 inch long dough butter paddle used in the early American kitchen. A multi purpose kitten tool. Ask if you have any questions.

Price: $89.00

2021-Mar-02 11:41am EST | Tags :

Child’s Nice Painted StepBack Cupboard

Good paint with a door at the bottom and a shelf inside and 2 on the upper part. Stands near 20 inches and 14 at the widest and near 9 1/2 at the bottom. Has some wear but not bad at all, just the cutest. These can hang on the wall and this would be a nice size. Made from a crate that was from Rockland, Me. There are remnants of old wall paper in side the lower portion of the box. Also it had nice detail around the frame on the upper half just like what you see on the larger cupboards. Ask if you have any questions.

Price: $365.00

2021-Feb-19 09:04am EST | Tags :

A Babyland Rag Doll

She has a replaced body and clothing. Face is nice and needed to be saved so I made her a body, 13 inches tall. She is cute with a homespun bonnet and dress in shades of brown and cream. Ask if you have any questions.

Price: 55.00 Sale

2021-Feb-15 02:27pm EST | Tags :

Early Wall Paper Art Cutout Picture

11 1/4 by 9 1/4 inches and hand drawn by a child and used wall paper for the dress and back ground. She has drawn a nice face with hair and stripes on the sock. Nice gold frame, all seems original. Cute, ask if you have any questions. Very nice condition.

Price: $165.00

2021-Feb-15 02:20pm EST | Tags :

Staffordshire Money Box/Bank

Nice with only a small hair line across the center bottom. Measures 4 inch wide by 5 inch tall, very nice. Ask if you have any questions

Price: 45.00 Sale

2021-Feb-13 12:23pm EST | Tags :

Small Crate Box with Tray

Small crate made storage box in old black paint, it has a tray inside. Measures about 14 3/4 by 11 by 9 1/2 inches. Very good shape with one small replaced board at the back top. Was an old “RESOLVENT” box and when you open the hinged lid you can see at the top edge the colors it was. Ask if you have any questions.

Price: 45.00 Sale

2021-Feb-09 02:34pm EST | Tags :

An Iron Twist Candle Stick-Wood Base

English French I don’t know but this is a nice one with a good base not all holy. Stands 8 1/4 inches and has push up but it sticks a bit but works. Ask if you have any questions.

Price: 175.00. Sale !

2021-Jan-09 10:53am EST | Tags :

Iron Meat Skewer 20 1/2 Inch

Twist handle with loop and and “H” design for the feet and near 14 inch skewer plus the handle makes it just over 20 inches. Ask if you have any questions.

Price: $85.00

2021-Jan-09 10:47am EST | Tags :

19th Century Dough Scrapper

About 3 3/4 b 3 inches and still has a nice old surface, prefect condition. Ask if you have any questions.

Price: $39.00

2021-Jan-07 08:17am EST | Tags :

Listing of Hearth Ladles, Skimmers, Flesh Forks

9 PIECES ! From 28 inches to 16 inches long. Some with brass and copper rivets to early iron and some lighter weight. A lot with decorated handles and fancy iron work. The range in price is 45.00 to 65.00 please ask if you are interested in a certain piece. All in excellent condition and a nice grouping. Some of these pieces are whitesmithed. (brass skimmer-sold)

Price: Various

2021-Jan-07 07:44am EST | Tags :

Large Tin Candle Light

This is a beauty, stands with handle 13 inches tall and about 6 inch wide square plus the tin guards on 3 sides. The back panel slides out and so does the candle clip. This is quite a find. And it has some nice wavy glass. Love this. Ask if you have any questions.

Price: 350.00. Sale !

2021-Jan-06 02:15pm EST | Tags :

Red Double School Masters Desk

This is a pick up or you can ship it. Over 62 inches long and 40 inches tall and 27 inches front to back. It is completely pegged or square nailed and dovetailed drawers both large and the 2 smaller interior drawers. This is nice, all original handles with many interior cubbies and nice paint. Nice ! It has an interior stain that has been there for ever and a small spot on the top that has a repair. Ask if you have any questions.

Price: $295.00

2021-Jan-04 10:55am EST | Tags :

Large Pantry with Bail Handle

Measures about 10 3/4 by by 6 1/4 inches. This never had a lid just an open storage pantry with bail handle. Handle leans to one side a bit see pics. Nice ! Ask if you have any questions.

Price: 110.00 Sale !

2020-Dec-29 10:25am EST | Tags :

6 1/2 inch Hog Scrapper Candle Stick

Nice working order iron hog scraper candle stick like the other one listed but shorter. Perfect working order and never had a chair hook.

Price: $85.00

2020-Dec-21 10:43am EST | Tags :

7 1/2 Inch Hog Scraper Candle Stick

Works perfect and never had a chair hook. Stands 7 1/2 inches and looks like the push up is marked “DOWER” ? Nice candle stick.

Price: $95.00

2020-Dec-21 10:40am EST | Tags :

Wrought Iron Twist Wood Base candle Stick

It has “LN” initials on the up iron and has the chair hook as well as the push up. Perfect working order. Base is great not all worm and holy ! FRENCH, ENGLISH I don’t know ? Free shipping in the US.

Price: $225.00

2020-Dec-21 10:34am EST | Tags :

Large RedWare Charger, Pretty like a pumpkin pie !

11 1/4 inches across and has wear but still a beauty. It to has a 2 inch crack but seems solid. To me it looks like a huge pumpkin pie ! Free shipping in the US.

Price: 110.00. Sale !

2020-Dec-21 10:30am EST | Tags :

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