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New England Department Store sign

You have hit "The Spot" in this early 20th century trade sign for the Updegraff & Dryer Department Store from New England. Yellow painted metal on a wood frame featuring a red circle for The Spot. All your goods needs in one place. 36"H x 12"L.

Price: $475

2021-Mar-03 07:48am EST | Tags :

19th Century Farriers Trade Sign

This intricately designed trade sign is from a Farrier's shop. The amazing detail in the cast iron showing the muscles, eyes and horses mane is just exquisite. The sign has been mounted for your convenience on a solid modern metal stand. 20.5"L x 24.5H

Price: POR

2021-Mar-02 07:23am EST | Tags :

Outstanding Paint Decorated 19c Bridal Box

Oval paint decorated Bentwood Bridals Box, early 19th Century, decorated with tulip and leaf patter on the exterior and with the amazing addition of an interior portrait of a man with flowers.. The interior painting is really with sets this apart from other bridal boxes. . 18 1/2"L x 11 3/4"W x 7 3/4 H

Price: $900

2021-Feb-28 06:29am EST | Tags :

Museum Quality Apothecary

The most amazing apothecary that you will likely every see. Mid-to Early 19th Century. Every draw has a solid wood lid, with carved finger groves. Many lids have hand written labels describing the contents of the draw. This was so well used in practice that a couple of draws still have paper containers for contents and some still smell like the medicinal wears they contained. An outstanding piece for your collection. 27"L x 12"W x 33/3/4H

Price: POR

2021-Feb-27 09:11pm EST | Tags :

Mid-19th Century Child’s Portrait

amazing painting of a child in England by JB Butler circa 1857. All original including frame. Approximately 19.5 x 16.5

Price: $175

2021-Feb-21 08:13pm EST | Tags :

19thC Odd Fellows Lodge Ceremonial Bow and Arrows

Original condition 19th Century Odd Fellows Lodge Ceremonial Bow and Arrow.

Price: $425

2021-Feb-18 04:37pm EST | Tags :

19th Century Red Wallbox

A chucky and substantial wall box in red paint and with an interior divided into 2 compartments. Dovetails joints and in pine wood. 11"L x 81/4"W x 13"H Read less Categories: box, painted

Price: $525

2021-Feb-18 04:16pm EST | Tags :

Dow Store sign, Hampton NH

1899 advertising sign for Ervin L. Dow's Department Store in Hampton, New Hampshire. The sign advertises the specialties of the store, Dry Goods, Small Wares, Ladies and Gents (clothing) and Furnishings. All in original, untouched, smaltz paint with gold letters on a black background. The Dow department store closed in 1900. A picture of the sign in use is added to this listing. The sign is 15 feet long, 17.75"H, and 2"W.

Price: POR

2021-Feb-13 08:01am EST | Tags :

Walton Shoes Advertising

This is an amazing survivor piece of a shippng crate from A.G. Walton and Co. children's shoe makers from Chelsea, Massachusetts. Original paint and decoration with the "Walton" name in read and their advertising slogan "It will wear" in black paint. Features two hand drawn boots, in black paint. Circa 1920s. 36"L x 8.5"H

Price: $250

2021-Feb-13 07:55am EST | Tags :

Locksmith Sign

Mid-to-early 20th Century Locksmith sign made out of a single piece of wood. The word Locksmith has craquelure blue paint over white. 31"L x 15/25"H

Price: $395

2021-Feb-13 07:52am EST | Tags :

Tailor’s Trade Sign

Tailor's trade sign in metal, painted in silver and black on the front. Each side is approximately 21" long.

Price: $175

2021-Feb-13 07:46am EST | Tags :

Rustic Horse Farm Sign

A vintage horse sign from a horse farm in Ellington, Connecticut. Remnants of original weathered red paint on the weathered wood background with a rusted metal horse attached. 34"L x 18"H Read less

Price: $250

2021-Feb-13 07:45am EST | Tags :

Axe Trade Sign

19th century hand painted and hand carved trade sign, likely for a blacksmith. The details of the carving and painting make this appear to be a real axe. Too substantial to be a parade axe. 26"L x 12.25"H

Price: $675

2021-Feb-13 07:42am EST | Tags :

19th Century Barber Sign

Weathered barber sign from the late 19th Century with original red and white paint. Eye hooks attached for hanging as well as traditional wire hanging. 8"L x 24"H

Price: $750

2021-Feb-13 07:39am EST | Tags :

No Vacancy Sign

Original Hotel No Vacancy sign with fine weathered look. Metal sliders are available to cover the No part of the sign to advertise your Vacancy. 34”L x 6”w

Price: $150

2021-Jan-13 11:00am EST | Tags :

Hats Block Glass and Metal Sign

Early 1900s Hats Blocked Sign in Glass and Metal. Can be hung or stands up like a picture frame. 12”L x 5.25”W

Price: $200

2021-Jan-13 11:00am EST | Tags :

Glass and Metal Address Sign

Early 1900s glass and metal address sign.

Price: $25

2021-Jan-13 11:00am EST | Tags :

Toleware Mail or To-Do list holder

a unique, hand-painted, gilded toleware mail or to-do list holder. Mid-19th Century. 17x 3.25

Price: $450

2021-Jan-13 11:00am EST | Tags :

18th Century Cylindrical Document Box

18th century dome top document box which has been known to be used by the military to store personal effects. A similar example can be seen on Page 81 of the Collector’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Revolution. While its former hide is long going it has been lovingly restored to its current beauty.

Price: $150

2021-Jan-13 11:00am EST | Tags :

Hand painted Guest Sign

Early 1900s Guests signs in original weathered condition. This came out of a former polo establishment in lower Fairfield County Connecticut. 32” x 23”

Price: $675

2021-Jan-13 11:00am EST | Tags :

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